Tuesday, August 13, 2013

7 Elul: Shofar

Fortunate is the people that know the blasting of the shofar; O Lord, 
may they walk in the light of Your countenance. - Psalm Chapter 89

This article on Aish.com points out that in the above quote from Psalms, it doesn't say for people to hear the blast of the shofar, but to know it.  This implies there has to be some kind of thought process once we hear the sound of the shofar.  It isn't meant to be enjoyed like music, it is meant as a call to action.  I realized that I haven't felt any kind of connection to the sound of the Shofar because I've only thought of it as a sound, and especially since the birth of my son, the sound is something to rush through.

I haven't forgotten about a lecture I listened to by Lori Palatnik about the sound of the Torah.  I even took notes and I kept the piece of paper, a list of ten things to think about during the Shofar blasts.  This year, maybe, I'll try to keep a few of them in mind.

Here they are (this is by Lori Palatnik):

  1. I want my life to be aligned with your vision
  2. I want to recognize all the blessings in my life
  3. I want to transcend my greatest obstacles to fulfill Your vision for me. 
  4. I want to a walking expression of Your Divine Values
  5. I want all my resources from the coming year to be dedicated to your vision for me
  6. I want to trust that You will always take care of me
  7. I want the world to discover the truth and vision of living according Your vision
  8. I wan to make You King by living myself according to Your plan
  9. I want to be connected to You as the source of live
  10. I resolve that his moment is the dawn of a new era in my life for the good. 

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