Friday, August 30, 2013

30 for 30 Outfit Challenge - The mostly 30 Pieces

It took a few weeks to decide but I finally picked out my items for the 30 day challenge.  I choose to dress modestly, which means knees are mostly covered (appropriate length skirts are hard to find, I make do with what is available), elbows are covered and most of my collar bone (so shirts are probably not quite that, I am ok with that).  I also cover my hair.

Accessories and shoes are not included on the list.

So my items are:

  1. grey dress 
  2. grey skirt from Value Village (I love it)
  3. black/white diagonal skirt from H&M (You may recall how much I wanted a striped skirt)
  4. Brown corduroy skirt from Smart Set
  5. beige straight skirt from Reitmans
  6. Jean skirt from Value Village
  7. Chevron maxi skirt from Old Navy 
  8. Black Pencil skirt from Old Navy (they have since shortened the hemline...doh!)
  9. Basic black skirt
  10. Basic white blouse from Value Village
  11. Basic blue blouse from Value Village
  12. Chambray blouse from Old Navy
  13. Green Blouse I am determined to make work
  14. Red long sleeve top
  15. Purple/black gasp PATTERN blouse from Sears.
  16. Burgundy Corduroy Jacket
  17. Grey military jacket from Le Chateau
  18. Beige sweater thing - hand me down
  19. Yellow v-neck sweater
  20. grey button down sweater from The Gap 
  21. Blue sweater (Lord and Taylor from The Bay, CRAZY sale price.  As similar as I could find here)
  22. Burgundy T-shirt - Walmart
  23. Turquoise (what is that colour exactly?) T-shirt - Walmart
  24. Grey T-shirt - Suzy Shier
  25. Striped long sleeve shirt (which shockingly meets all the requirements and doesn't need a shell!) from Value Village
  26. Mustard long sleeve from Joe (Loblaws) (I like this colour and I want to experiment)
  27. Brown cross top

...the question is, do I add shells to the 30 (one white, one beige and one black) or pick 3 other things?



  1. I would add one shell (white/cream), one dress (maxi?) and a wild card like a striped shell.

    1. I don't have another dress that would work. Or a striped shell.

  2. I would add one white/cream shell, one dress (maxi?) and a wild card like a striped cardigan.