Wednesday, August 21, 2013

15 Elul: Apple

As an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the sons; in his shade I delighted and sat, and his fruit was sweet to my palate. - Shir HaShirim Chapter 2

Like golden apples on silverplated vessels, is a word spoken with proper basis. - Proverbs Chapter 25

Wow, half way there!  An apple for making it this far :)

We eat apples dipped with honey on Rosh Hashanah, to symbolize the sweetness we hope the new year will bring.  Apples are crunchy and sweet, and maybe there is some connection on working hard to get to the sweetness of life?

I didn't think I would find any Torah quotes on apples, but I guess apples appear a few times in Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs).  Don't forget an apple a day keeps the doctor a way.  And, the apple of my eye.  Isn't there something about bringing an apple for teacher?  In case you were wondering, Adam and Even did not eat an apple and get evicted from the garden of Eden (I think it was an artist's rendition of the whole scene, and ever since...).

If I were to pick the prettiest of fruit, I think I probably would pick the apple.  It comes in so many colours and varieties.  It has a beautiful shine and the shape is appealing.

The apple is perfect snack food for our human hands.  It fits right in the palm of our hand.  It isn't too messy, and it's recycleable ;)

We can make some pretty tasty apple-based crisp, apple pie, apple cake, baked apples...

Apples come into season this time of year, which makes it an obvious choice for fruits in any kind of Rosh Hashanah ritual/tradition.

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