Friday, August 23, 2013

17 Elul: Pomegranate

In a dream: “...seeing small ones portends business being as fruitful as a pomegranate, while seeing large ones means that business will multiply like pomegranates. If, in the dream, the pomegranates are split open, if the dreamer is a scholar he may hope to learn more Torah … while if he is unlearned, he can hope to perform mitzvot ….”

Another symbolic fruit we eat over Rosh Hashanah is the pomegranate.  The fruit is sweet and full of seeds, and we enjoy it on the holiday to represent the hopefully many Mitzvot we will do throughout the year.  

I have always had a hard time peeling pomegranates.  I end up making a mess, seeds everywhere.  I read to peel them in water, but I still end up with bits everywhere.  I think it is worth the effort.  They are a different kind of sweetness. 

Some people have a hard time with the seeds.  Do you crunch them?  I kind of swoosh them and swallow them whole.  I wonder what that says about personalities or how you see doing all these Mitzvahs...

I don't think I've ever made specific recipes with pomegranates.  I just eat them raw, on their own.  I guess after Rosh Hashanah I might add them to some salads.  How about you?  Any interesting recipes?  

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