Sunday, August 25, 2013

30 for 30 Outfit Challenge - Celebrity Style

I have been reading a lot about trying to figure out your own fashion style.  One of the recommendations to take a look at celebrities and see who and what you like.

I am finding the exercise challenging since most of them are tall and skinny, the outfits I might like are outfits not likely to be worn by me.  I have picked a few celebrities that I have liked:
  • Angelina Jolie - she wears it like she means it. 
  • Courteney Cox - She has this quiet confidence about her.  
  • Ivanka Trump - Her outfits on the Celebrity Apprentice always seem elegant and professional.  
  • Sandra Bullock has a few outfits where she seems professional yet relaxed and down to earth.  
  • Sarah Jessica Parker dresses with awesome flair.  I'm not sure I'd wear anything she does, but she does have great style (and hair).  
You can check out my Pinterest board for the Celebrity Styles for some of my favourites.   I definitely like the tighter fitting skirt and the professional look of my picks.  As a stay at home mom, I obviously don't need to dress so fancy, but I think a pencil skirt doesn't have to be dressed up, and can be casual too.  

Which celebrity styles do you like and why?  

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