Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Sukkah: The inside

Our Sukkah has come together nicely (You can read about the building of our Sukkah, here).  I don't think it's anything glamorous, but it's ours and I am happy we finally have a Sukkah we can enjoy.

The thing about Sukkot in Canada is that it can be cold and wet during September (or October), so all decorations need to be waterproof.  Here is a run down of the crafts/decorations I made:

  • I prepared a few of these, I guess I will follow up later and let you know if it helped at all.  I know from friends' Sukkot, bees and wasps can be problematic and generally causing freak outs. 
  • My husband helped me make a simplified version of this.  
  • I didn't make a garland, but I made the plastic pom poms.  
  • I tried making a couple of these, but I didn't like the way they turned out.  
  • I got a couple of the banner ideas from here.  The Bruchim HaBaim Banner (Welcome Blessing) is made of foam sheets.  
  • I made a variation of these using dried beans, electric tea lights and large mason jars.  I like the colours.  

I created a few print outs of the list of Ushpizin (guests) because I couldn't find anything online, they are obviously very basic.  It's one of those things I plan on improving, just looking for the right print out and idea.

A beautiful idea I've seen at my Rebbetzin's Sukkah is a collage of pictures of Sukkah's past.  I'd like to make something like that for ours too.  What a beautiful way to keep memories.

Anything out of paper got laminated using clear sticky book covering stuff from the dollar store.

A really great resource for crafts for Sukkot (other than searching through Pinterest) is Creative Jewish Mom.  She is absolutely an inspiration.

I think that covers the crafts.  Without further ado, here is a look inside the Sukkah.

I know, they are basic and simple, but they'll do for now.  

"Those who reap with tears will sow with songs of joy"

A view of the pom poms

My husband made the welcome a little too Halloween-y, I think, but he says it's Dr. Seuss.  What do you think?  

Our cute little centrepiece


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  1. OMG, a fellow Fall-lover!!
    I'm loving your theme's design, I can basically smell the pumpkin and cinnamon through the computer.... ;)

  2. Thanks Grace! I figured it would be a good starter theme and my son would enjoy the colours too :)

  3. Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, hope you had a great holiday!