Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holiday Burn Out

I have been feeling depressed the last week.  I have had so much on my mind.  I feel like my faith is doing the ebb/flow thing.  I don't know where I belong in the Jewish community.  Infertility.  Holidays.   Reflecting.  Cooking.  Cleaning.

The best way to describe the feeling has been a burnt out exhaustion.  It started around Rosh Hashanah.  After I finished that 30 day writing challenge, I didn't really feel spiritually ready for the Jewish New Year.  I felt.  Empty.  Like a "so what?" kind of feeling.

Those feelings have been staying right through Sukkot, a time that is supposed to be filled with joy.  I put my son in extra day care hours this week to give myself some mommy alone time.  It has helped a bit.  One more set of three day Yom Tov this weekend.  I admit I'm not feeling spiritually or emotionally ready to do it again, but, like all my hard races, I will do one more push to the finish line.

Do you feel holiday burn out?

I appreciate all comments. Please don't be shy and share your thoughts!

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