Sunday, September 1, 2013

Building my Wardrobe - More lessons

I listed some of the things I am learning about my style preferences in a previous post.  As I look for some basic elements for my wardrobe, I am still learning.

  • I think I may to have to give up on wearing boots for most of my outfits.  I just can't seem to make them work.  I bought these ones (and returned them).  They just seemed too long and didn't look right with any of the outfits I put together.  The shorter ankle boots make me look kind of stalky.  I really wanted a brown boot/shoe thing with a heel, since most of my shoes are black black and more black.  I am going to check out brown/cognac pumps and see how I feel with those.  

  • I love the black and white striped skirts.  Love them.  They don't like me so much.  I've tried a couple of different widths of stripes, and as long as they are going horizontally across this not. forgiving.  (update - I bought a black and white striped skirt!  I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted one...I will make it work.  Spanx (or similar)...)

  • I think I am going to aim for different coloured skirts with different textures rather than looking for patterns.  

  • I am starting to like the leopard print that is in right now.  I don't think I would do a skirt or a blouse, but maybe ballet shoes or a belt.    

I am finding this whole thing really challenging.  I am trying to figure out my style, or maybe even redefine it.  I am also trying to figure out who I am spiritually and somehow these two need to link up or at least agree.  Or something.  


  1. I love those ballet flats---GO FOR IT! I agree. Start small. If you don't want to do a leopard print in a big way, start small. I have a leopard print belt for the same reasons. Love those shoes, but I have such WIDE feet I could never wear 'em.....

    1. The flats are on my shopping list post-challenge (among other things lol, the list is growing!)