Sunday, September 8, 2013

I made something!

My goal for this upcoming year  is to make a few crafts.  For my first official creation, I decided on something to organize my necklaces.  I get very frustrated with how they always end up in a knotted mess.

I had seen a few really great ideas, and I decided on a frame with hooks in it.  I used wrapping paper for the background (Dollarama).  The frame came from Value Village ($4), and the hooks were from Home Depot ($1.15 per package).  The whole thing cost less than $10 to create.  I am really happy with it.  Eventually we will repaint the room, which is why I am went for the black and white colour theme.

I used a piece of cardboard behind the wrapping paper to make up for the space of the glass part of the frame that I didn't use.  I wrapped the carboard/back of the frame with the wrapping paper and pressed into the frame (being careful not to rip anything).  The hooks screwed right into the paper/cardboard/frame back and are pretty secure.  They do poke out the back, I will eventually cover the pack with some paper to protect fingers and wall.

I measured roughly 3 cm between hooks and alternated them high/low.  I was a bit off in the measurements, so the last hook is actually a bit further than 3 cm from the edge.  My very accurate husband thinks it looks fine and it is barely noticeable.

I think it looks like a great piece of art up on the wall.  How do you store your necklaces?


  1. This is great! I took the easy way out and found a black cork board from Target (the frame and the cork itself is black - I was expecting to paint it but I lucked out! I hang all my super long necklaces on that similar to how you've shown and the rest I keep in an armoire. I wish I had the patience to be crafty like that! Your way is definitely more fun!

  2. A corkboard is a great idea! Maybe I'll make an ear ring holder from one!

  3. Fantastic, and so wonderful to meet you on Craft Schooling Sunday! Shanah Tovah,and Tzom Kal!