Sunday, September 22, 2013

30 for 30 Outfit Challenge - Week 3

Has it been 3 weeks already?  It seems to be going by fast.

Week 2, Week 1, The Mostly 30 Pieces and the Background

This week included outfits for Yom Tom (Holy days), some of which were just casual meals out.  The outfits are out of order, (sorry), but you get the idea.  Jean skirt got featured a lot this week.  Usually I might be out for maybe an hour or so, and then change back into yoga pants for hanging out at home.  The one thing I didn't really like is how the button and the fly kind of show through whatever I am wearing on top of the skirt.  I don't like how things look tucked into this particular skirt, so maybe it's a sign I might need something different?

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  Oh well.

I appreciate all comments. Please don't be shy and share your thoughts!
I kind of liked my retro tichel with this outfit.  
Blurrrry.  Oops.  

I'm wearing a sinar (apron) tichel with this outfit.  I was mostly happy with the ensemble.  

See what I mean?  Bumpy.  What do people do about that?  

I have to admit, this outfit makes me happy.  

Comfy and casual

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  1. OK, this is what I think. I love the following colours on you: the royal blue, the deep red, the mustard yellow, green, the stripes & the purpleish t-shirt. I think, those colors really make you pop! The grey cardigan is lovely too and a great staple (also a black one). I think that pale yellow & the off white, washes you out. At least from the pictures. I've the same problem with some skirts, they give me a bulkiness around the waist. So annoying. I found that skirts that have zippers on the back are better, at least for me being short waisted. I think, the 20's/30's sleek silhouette works great for you and very modest. I think the brown skirt is nice but maybe a bit too busy with the buttons/necklace/headscarf. I think, a full skirt like 40's/50's would look also wonderful on you. Not too crazy about the jean skirt but if you love it, you wear the heck out of it.