Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kitchen Kvetch (or trying not to!)

I haven't written in quite some time!

A month and half ago I noticed a stain on my kitchen ceiling...right underneath the toilet upstairs...after some investigation by the contractors hired by the insurance company, a massive crack in the drain pipe was observed gushing water.  DRAIN PIPE.  From the toilet.  Yeah.  Into the kitchen walls.
The contractors assumed the walls contained asbestos
because of the age of the house

The contractors donned their asbestos masks and suits, set up containment areas and removed drywall and mouldy stuff.

My kitchen cabinets were taken out and a few temporarily put back in so that I would have a kitchen sink.

This weekend drywall was put up and cabinets returned to their original home.  I am slowly getting a normal kitchen again.

My husband has been surprised how not frustrated I have been with the whole process.  I have been trying REALLY hard to not complain. There are some good moments and maybe not so fabulous ones in my brain.

I am grateful that insurance is covering this massive repair job.  I am grateful that we have running clean water.  I am grateful that I did have a temporary kitchen.  And now I am more appreciative of our kitchen and dining room space.  I am grateful that the general contractor was someone I worked with five years ago and he is taking very good care of us.

I am trying to let those feelings of gratitude in and the frustrated feelings out.  I was annoyed today about some paint splatter the painters left behind yesterday.  I realized that in time, I won't notice it so much, just as the other little defects have disappeared into the background noise.

I am very happy though because this Shabbat dinner will be in the dining room!

See that open ceiling?  That's where that leaky pipe was.  Bathroom toilet leaky pipe!  Ew.

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