Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A bit random

I wanted to write when I started this blog, but then life gets in the way mixed with a lot of self doubt...

I have been dealing with a bunch of little life things, little stumbling blocks but certainly not life altering.  My car got rear ended coming off the highway.  The insurance claim was easy to handle, and I would have my car repaired but then...I discovered a leak over my kitchen sink a few days later.  This one scared me.  The sheer enormity of the repair job.  The water leaked from a pipe on the first floor into the ceiling, down the wall behind the kitchen cabinets and onto the hardwood floor in the adjacent dining room.  The backsplash needs to come down and be replaced and who knows how far this water got inside the house.

I was scared.  I was scared that insurance wouldn't cover this huge repair job.  I prayed.  A LOT.  A said a Tehillim (Psalms).  I asked some people to pray.

I heard from the insurance adjuster this morning and the leak came from a cracked pipe above the kitchen and it only could have happened within the last few days so...they are covering the repair of the wet stuff, and we need to cover the cost of the plumbing (this part I expected).

I was in the car (don't worry, I pulled over) when I got the call, and the first thing I did was Thank G-d.

I've also been down on myself because of my lack-of-career.  I read about so many inspiring people, some my age, some even younger.  They have accomplished so much career-wise.  They have families, they're generous and leaders.  I feel inspired in an envious kind of way, but then I don't know what to do with that inspiration.  

I need to start setting some personal goals.  I want to relearn Hebrew and become fluent again.  Other than that, I don't know where to aim.

Every night I pray for clarity and gentle guidance from G-d.  I feel a bit like I am stuck in one of those enormous corn mazes trying to find direction.
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